Camp Rhino Southeast Las Vegas
CrossFit, Boot Camp, Mini Ninjas (5-7 Years Old), Beginner/intermediate Kids Ninja (8-13 Year Olds), Competitive Kids Ninja (INVITE ONLY), Teen and Adult Ninja, Teen and Adult Open Gym, Spartan Practice Race, Partner Workouts, Teen Sports Performance, Kids Fit, Online Programming, Rhino Legends, 8-14's Open Gym SW and NW, Advanced CrossFit Partner Workout, Beginner Kids Ninja
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May 20th - 26th
  • CrossFit
  • Boot Camp
  • Mini Ninjas (5-7 Years Old)
  • Beginner/intermediate Kids Ninja (8-13 Year Olds)
  • Competitive Kids Ninja (INVITE ONLY)
  • Teen and Adult Ninja
  • Spartan Practice Race
  • Partner Workouts
  • Teen Sports Performance
  • Kids Fit
  • Online Programming
  • Rhino Legends
  • 8-14's Open Gym SW and NW
  • Advanced CrossFit Partner Workout
  • Beginner Kids Ninja
  • INVITE ONLY - Mini Ninja Select (5-7 Years Old)
  • Kids CrossFit Summer Camp
  • 90 Min Comp Class
  • Comp Class
  • Ninja Open Gym Ages 8+
  • Ninja Kids Summer Camp (Ages 8 to 14)
  • Ninja Kids Summer Camp (Ages 5 to 7)
  • Boxing- HIIT
  • Junior CrossFit